Legendary Sportscaster Warner Wolf Has Advice For Aaron Rodgers

Remembering the time that he tore his Achilles, legendary sportscaster Warner Wolf is passing on some helpful tips to Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers as he recovers from the same injury.

Wolf told WOR's "Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning" that he hurt himself in 1972 and got some helpful advice from NFL great Sonny Jurgensen, who is seen in the picture above. He now wants to pass those tips onto Rodgers. Wolf said to make life easier, Jurgensen encouraged him to put a large trash bag around his leg when taking a shower so the cast doesn't get wet. He also said to use a hanger to scratch his leg when he has an itch.

Rodgers tore his Achilles in the opening minutes of the Jets first game of the season and is expected to miss the entire season. The Jets lost to the Dallas Cowboys 30 to 10 on Sunday in their first game with Zack Wilson as the full time starter at quarterback.

Photo Credit: Warner Wolf

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