One Puny Gun Charge? A Legal Expert Says Not So Fast; There Will Be More

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Hunter Biden is now facing charges for lying about his drug use on a gun application. How serious are the charges, and what kind of legal evidence should the first son be receiving now that his plea bargain has evaporated? Jesse Weber is an anchor on the Law and Crime Network, and he appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to dissect the charges. Weber says the fact that the charge was brought isn’t the surprise, but the charge itself is.

“You don’t usually see somebody being charged with these stand-alone firearm charges,” Weber told Berman and morning news anchor Larry Mendte, who was filling in for Riedel. “You usually charge someone with lying on a form or having a gun as a drug abuser when it’s part of a larger crime… (but then) that plea deal blew up, and when a deal blows up, charges are brought against the defendant. That is what we came to expect… but, you know, it’s interesting to think about, should they even have been considered in the first place without some larger crime in play.”

Weber thinks Hunter Biden is not out of the woods, however. He feels there are tax evasion charges still lurking down the road. “The tax charges, which were originally part of the plea deal, we expect they’re gonna be brought in California and Washington DC, so be on the lookout for those chares being brought… So, what we’re having now is the gun charges in one jurisdiction, we’re going to have the tax charges in another jurisdiction, and there is the possibility that Hunter Biden could very ell be charged with something else… That, for me, is the real big deal.”

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