Times Square Water Main Break Floods NYC Streets And Subways

Photo: Getty Images North America

A major water main break near Times Square turned New York City streets and subways into a river early Tuesday morning. Multiple roads in Midtown have been shutdown and some subway service has been suspended in the area.

According to CBS News New York, "Our crews are now excavating. We've narrowed and we've identified we believe where the break in the pipe is, and they are excavating so they can begin the repairs," Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Rohit Aggarwala said. "Happily, most of the buildings in this area have redundant water supplies, so we do not know how many buildings will lose water, but we believe that will be a relatively small number."

The MTA partially suspended subway service on the 1 and 3 trains, and rerouted 2 trains. The water has been turned off and the flooding has receded. Construction equipment was also brought in to begin repairs.

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