NY’s Gunhill Road Making New Music With 'I Got A Line In New York City'

Gunhill Road, a New York based-band, is still active after debuting on the Billboard charts in 1973, with the Top 40 hit “Back When My Hair Was Short.”

“I Got a Line in New York City” is an advance track from Gunhill Road's forthcoming fifth studio album.

The song is a genre-bending combination of jazz, rock and blues with a Broadway flair. Further energized by its provocative music video, the song is slightly abstract and even mystical – while, simultaneously, heart-tugging and down-to-earth.

The narrative puts a new twist on the classic story of a young actor with dreams of making it on the Broadway stage brought down by the cold, harsh reality of the big time. The experimental visual images that bring stunning dimension to the video were created by human artists tapping into the assistance of leading-edge generative AI. 

The members of Gunhill Road include: co-founder, Steve Goldrich (piano, vocals, writing); longtime member, Paul Reisch (guitar, vocals, writing); veteran Broadway instrumentalist, Brian Koonin (guitar, vocals, writing); and radio legend, Michael Harrison (vocals, writing).

Harrison performs lead vocals on this song. Powerful horns, percussion and a wide array of assorted backup instruments are provided by some of the nation’s most talented studio musicians and concert performers.

The video was edited and produced by Matthew B. Harrison. You can watch it via the player above!

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