Will the Summer of 2023 Be a Repeat of 2022 at New York's Beaches?

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The warmer summer weather means that people will flock to tri-state area beaches, and warmer ocean temperatures mean the return of sharks to the water off the beaches. After an unusually active year for shark activity and attacks in 2022, what can beachgoers expect in 2023? Ocearch Chief Scientist Dr. Bob Heuter appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to discuss the probability of shark attacks in the upcoming weeks. He says that it just takes a little common sense to make for a relatively safe day at the shore.

“People are going in the water; sharks will be in the water,” Heuter told Berman and Riedel. “You know, last year in New York beaches, we had this really unusual clustering of eight bites (but) I’m not expecting that to happen this summer… Your chances of getting bitten by a shark are still infinitesimal compared to other sources of problems at the beach, like rip currents and lightning, but it’s still good to be smart. You don’t want to swim in the food chain. You want to stay away from what the sharks are doing and have a great time.”

Heuter offered some safety tips- which are available on the Ocearch web site and on the link at the bottom of this article- for beach-goers to use when they want to hit the surf. “Number one, realize that sharks are not out there hunting for people. You just don’t want to come into their way, you don’t want to draw their attention, so stay with your friends and family closer to the beach… we also recommend don’t wear shiny jewelry into the water, as that can simulate what a fish might look like… and if there’s activity in the area, like other fish jumping and birds diving, that sort of thing, then that’s not a place you want to swim.”


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