Hackett: Chris Licht Had No Chance, Prince Harry Has No Case

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After only a year at the helm of CNN, Chris Licht has been let go by the struggling news network. ABC News Entertainment Reporter Larry Hackett appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to dissect Licht’s dismissal. He feels the problems at CNN are not about who is running the show, but what shows they are running.

“There’s so much chatter about what he did wrong,” Hackett told Berman and Riedel, “but to me I think the network has much bigger problems, which is that… ‘all politics all the time’ is just not a recipe that works for them… There’s nothing on CNN about the arts, there’s nothing on about sports, there’s nothing on about lifestyles, there’s nothing on about the way people live their lives, and a steady diet of Washington-based news is just not what people are looking for… they can’t bear one more story with some Congressional talking head talking about something that doesn’t matter to them.”

Hackett also commented on Prince Harry’s court case alleging that the British tabloids hacked his phone to dig up stories on him. “He doesn’t have the hard evidence that this happened. You know, going into this court room and saying, ‘There’s no other way they would have known that I was with Chelsy Davy in the Azores than if they hacked my phone’; it’s like, really? That’s evidence in a court? That’s not proof. You know, I think the Daily Mirror’s attorney did a decent job of saying, ‘A lot of the things that you allege were kind of private had been printed somewhere else and other people knew about them’. I just don’t think he proves his case.”

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