WOR Week In Review

Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning:

This was certainly a bittersweet week for Len and Michael’s show as long-time morning newsman Joe Bartlett ended his 37-year career on the station to enjoy retirement in South Carolina. Tributes galore were part of Wednesday’s show, and if you missed any of it, catch up here!



Bergen Record columnist Mike Kelly spoke with Len and Michael about former Governor Chris Christie’s plan to run for President. Residents of New Jersey had a one-word piece of advice for Christie: don’t.



The guys spoke with a couple of guests this week about Artificial Intelligence’s increasing presence and what long-term impacts it can have.




Mark Simone:

A big headline both locally and around the country this week was the bipartisan debt ceiling deal in DC. Mark spoke with CNBC contributor Jake Novak about it, as well as what would have happened…or more appropriately WOULDN’T have happened…had the deal not been done.



Mark and New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin talked about the Democrats weaponizing the IRS and the Department of Justice.



Streaming host Bill O’Reilly spoke with Mark about how the country is continuing to battle the rise of socialism in the U.S.



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