Is Joe Borelli Washing His Hands of New York City Politics?

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Is New York City Councilman Joe Borelli hinting that his political career is done when his term ends in 2025? Appearing on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program, the term-limited council member says he might consider leaving politics behind when his second term representing District 51 is up.

When asked by Riedel if he has any aspirations to take on Mayor Eric Adams that year, Borelli bluntly stated, “I gotta be honest guys, I don’t think I’ll be running for anything else. I’m term limited in two years, six months and one day, and I think I will sunset my career. This might be breaking news, but I don’t believe I’ll be running for anything else. I wish Eric Adams luck. I wish whoever challenges him luck. I might be out of the process by then.”

When pressed for an explanation, Borelli rationalized, “I’ll never say never, because you never know, something could open up, and maybe it’s an opportunity I want to chase down, but I am not plotting and planning any big political moves. To be honest, I think it is time, at some point, for fresh blood, people with a new vigorous sense of purpose to take over the helm for me. I think that’s a very healthy thing.”

Before dropping the bombshell revelation, Borelli offered his theories on city housing issues, including the plan to use the closed Lincoln Correctional Facility to house migrants. “I don’t think it’s probably a great idea. This is a building that was closed for a reason… No, we shouldn’t be putting people there. The problem is the mayor is up against the wall because the migrants keep coming and there’s nowhere to out them.”

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