Astorino: Can DeSantis Survive Rocky Twitter Launch and Beat the GOP Field?

Photo: AFP

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis survived a plethora of technical issues on Twitter in declaring his bid for the White House Wednesday night. Is he ready for the glare of the national spotlight? Former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program and thinks that, despite the glitches, the DeSantis rollout may actually be called a success.

“I thought he was reading, which was silly, and there should have been video,” Astorino told Berman and Riedel, ”but let’s think about it a different way. He’s using Twitter, and all of Elon Musk’s followers and platform… let’s just pretend Elon Musk actually like Ron DeSantis and decides to support him. I mean, just think about the amount of money Elon Musk could throw into a superPAC if it turns out that DeSantis is his guy. So I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Who cares? By this weekend, do you think anyone’s going to be talking about the Twitter rollout that Ron DeSantis had?”

Astorino further explained how funding will be the key to a successful DeSantis campaign. “He’s already raised just over $8 million from that overnight, but remember, he raised $213 million for his gubernatorial campaign that he won by 19 points. So, this is a guy that can put a lot of gas in the tank and go the distance but, of course, you’ve got to get people to vote for you, so now the campaign starts.”

Ultimately, Astorino says it is how DeSantis connects with the voters that will decide if he can beat the GOP field-- and Donald Trump in particular. “DeSantis, I think just has to be authentic and he’s got to show a lot of the human side and connect with voters, that he understands what’s going on here and he’s gonna fix it.”

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