Governor Hochul, Mayor Adams Divided Over Chokehold Death

Governor Hochul is criticizing the actions of a former marine involved in the death of a homeless man on the subway.

Jordan Neely was acting erratically on an “F” train in Manhattan this week, with witnesses saying he was yelling and threatening fellow passengers. The ex-marine placed Neely in a chokehold, causing the homeless man to lose consciousness.

“Just looking at that video you know it’s wrong. No one has the right to take the life of another person,” Governor Hochul said.

The death has been ruled a homicide. No charges have been filed, but an investigation is continuing by Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg. Mayor Adams is asking for patience.

“I have a responsibility for this entire city and I have faith in the criminal justice system and I'm going to let the process take its place and those who believe that I should do something differently, I respect that. But I have to make the right decision for the City of New York,” Mayor Adams said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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