Curran: Bail Reform Is Governor Hochul's "Holy Grail"

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Can New York Governor Kathy Hochul incorporate bail reform into the state budget talks as the April 1st deadline inches closer? According to former Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, there is a chance she could accomplish something, but not much.

Speaking on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program, a cautiously optimistic Curran told Riedel and newsman Joe Bartlett, filling in for Berman, that “(T)his is her Holy Grail, to get something done. The headline will be ‘She got something done on bail’… so I think the horse trading is going on, the conversations are happening, and I think she might be able to get something done here.”

As for what Hochul may have to give up in exchange for bail reform, Curran speculates that “it may be something like good cause eviction. That’s going to make it harder for small landlords to stay in business, to take care of their buildings. It could be something like that, but that might be the sacrificial pawn. It could be those sorts of issues that are the sacrificial pawns to get this bail reform done.”

Curran also gave her two cents on the new “We Love NYC” ad campaign to bolster the city’s economic recovery. “It’s good to have some team spirit, you know, some good feeling, some optimism for New York. You’ve got so much here, and we forget that. I know, you’ve gotta point out the problems, you’ve gotta try to fix them, but still, it’s the best place in the world.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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