Borelli: Netflix, Amazon Tax Ideas Are Brainchild of "Maserati Marxists"

Photo: AFP

Is the New York State Senate mulling a surcharge on Netflix subscriptions and Amazon deliveries as a way to close the MTA’s budget gap? New York City Council minority leader Joe Borelli, speaking on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program, says the idea is simply another tax that hits the little guy in the wallet.

“When you are in New York, and you are already the highest taxed state in the nation,” Borelli (R-S.I.) told Berman and Riedel, “when you see all of your population fleeing to Florida, to Carolina, to Texas… doesn’t it ever occur to them that maybe they’re charging too much money?” Borelli then answered his own question by simply stating, “It crosses their minds, not once.”

“That’s who the new socialist is. These are ‘Maserati Marxists’,” Borelli added. “These are people who have trust funds, who are lecturing other about the virtues of Leninism.”

Borelli also tied the Amazon and Netflix charges to the recent proposal to ban installations of gas stoves in new home and commercial building projects in New York as soon as 2025. “It’s hard to sell people who are recent immigrants on why they should give up their gas stoves… it never comes to full round in their heads that, maybe, they don’t need to put a tax on their deliveries on Amazon.”

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