U.S. Attorney General Appears Before the Senate Judiciary Committee

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday to answer questions about the Hunter Biden investigation. Garland was grilled by Republican senators, particularly Chuck Grassley (R- Iowa).  Speaking on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program, White House correspondent Jon Decker said one answer Garland gave in particular raised a red flag.

Decker told Riedel and fill-in co-host Joe Bartlett that “(Garland} said it would be a national security problem if Hunter Biden took money from a foreign government as a means to influence the Biden administration, and, to me, I don’t know if he intended to make news, but to me, that made news.” However, Bartlett and Decker both conceded that few people want to look into the story.

Decker also discussed President Biden’s failure to visit the people affected by the East Palestine train derailment. When compared to Biden’s response to heavy flooding in California in January, Decker said, “It was a one day trip, but it meant a lot to those people in California, to have the President see that first-hand… and I think that’s what the people of eastern Ohio would like to see, as well.”

When asked by Bartlett about the White House response to the origins of Covid, Decker noted that, while the FBI and Department of Energy have determined the virus started in a Wuhan lab, “other agencies -- the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency -- they have not made that clear determination, and that’s the reason why you haven’t seen a definitive statement coming from the administration.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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