WOR Week in Review

Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning:

Len and Michael spoke with former Nassau County Executive Laura Curran this week about the rising rates of Covid, flu, and RSV in our area, and whether this means that mask mandates should be reinstated.



WOR White House Correspondent Jon Decker weighed in with the guys on why he believes that Steve Scalise will be the Republicans’ ultimate choice as Speaker of the House.



And is Donald Trump’s political star beginning to dim?  Rich Lowry, editor-in-chief of the National Review, spoke with Len and Michael about it earlier this week.




Mark Simone:

Mark spoke this week with political journalist John Fund about a wide range of topics, including politicians such as Kyrsten Sinema changing parties, and whether Governor Ron DeSantis will ultimately rise about Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination in the 2024 race.



Is the Federal Reserve driving us toward a recession? Mark spoke this week with economist Steve Moore about the latest interest rate hike.



And political insider Monica Crowley spoke with Mark this week about how ultra-woke members of the Left are trying to confuse our children regarding gender orientation.



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