NYC-Area Beaches Reopen After Multiple Shark Sightings Tuesday

Waterlife off Long Island

Photo: Getty Images North America

Beaches in New York City and on Long Island are open again Wednesday after multiple shark sightings earlier in the week.

The beaches were red-flagged for much of the day Tuesday after swimmers and life guards spotted at least two sharks at Rockaway Beach. They reopened later in the day, but people were only permitted in water up to their knees.

Gov. Kathy Hochul ordered increased shark patrols after recent sightings from New York beaches.

Beaches are expected to be crowded this week as the Northeast endures yet another summer heat wave.

Five people were injured in New York shark attacks in the past two weeks, including two shark bites last Wednesday that occurred hours apart on the Long Island coast. Though none of the injuries were considered serious.

Most shark attacks on humans are believed to be cases of mistaken identity on the part of the fish, but that makes them no less concerning. The best way to avoid shark bites is to stay away from areas where sharks are likely to lurk.

  • Avoid areas with seals
  • Avoid areas where people are fishing
  • Avoid swimming at dawn, dusk or nighttime
  • Avoid murky water
  • Don't go out alone
  • Don't go into water where you can see fish from the surface or where birds or other animals can be observed hunting
  • Stay close to the shore

A shark reportedly washed ashore Wednesday morning in Quogue, New York.

This past spring, a 10-foot Mako shark made headlines when it was seen thrashing around on the beach at Point Lookout.

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