Police Warn Against TikTok Trend of Digging Big Holes On Beaches

Digging massive holes on the beach is a dangerous TikTok trend, the mayor of Sanibel Island told a local Florida TV station.

“If you're digging to make a sandcastle or, in the case of this image, a place to toss your shovel in, please refill the hole and kindly take your things with you. It's a hazard to other beachgoers, especially our beautiful sea turtles,” Marco Island Police said.

A town on North Carolina's Outer Banks issued a public plea in May to beachgoers about the dangers of digging holes on the oceanfront saying that:

Deep beach holes, in addition to possibly resulting in injuries for those who dig them, could delay or damage rescue vehicles operating on the beach and also trap sea turtles and their hatchlings, leading to fatal results.

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