Students Invent Edible Tape To Keep Your Burrito From Falling Apart

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A team of women at John Hopkins University have created the perfect invention, edible tape to keep your burrito from falling apart.

Last fall, the students of an engineering class at John Hopkins was asked to come up with an invention that they can use in everyday life. A team of women from the class created edible tape so that they can eat their burritos without any mess. The all-female team of Tyler Guarino, Rachel Nie, Marie Eric and Erin Walsh, worked together to create this genius invention. This is how Tastee Tape was born!

"You simply just peel the piece off of the sheet, wet it, and apply it to your tortilla," said team member Rachel Nie. Nie also revealed that the tape works on pitas and flatbread. Now the women are waiting to get a patent for Tastee Tape.

“It was our favorite because we thought it was so simple, yet so relatable. And we thought that it was also feasible,” Guarino told TODAY Food. Guarino continues, “We tried tons of different combinations, and formulations and really did a lot of trial and error until we were able to get a product that was clear in color, tasteless, didn’t have a noticeable texture, but was still strong enough to hold a big fat burrito together.”

“We really just went through so many iterations of trying different ingredients, trying different amounts of those ingredients, trying different cooking methods and cooking times,” Nie explained. “That process really took us a few months to figure out.” 

Is Tastee Tape the future for burrito, flatbreads and any other kind of food you want closed! Check out their website here.

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