New York City Says Goodbye To Its Last Remaining Public Payphone

Photo: AFP

There are no more public payphones left on the streets of New York City.

The city's last payphone was dismantled and trucked away, following a brief ceremony Monday at Seventh Ave and 50th Street, near Times Square.

After years of obsolescence due to mobile phones and WiFi, the city began removing its public payphones in 2015. The former payphone sites are being gradually replaced with LinkNYC free WiFi kiosks and mobile device charging stations.

The LinkNYC kiosks also allow free domestic phone calls, plus social services directories and local transit and weather alerts.

LinkNYC is set to significantly expand this summer with Link5G services and additional kiosks above 96th Street and in the outer boroughs.

While city-maintained payphones are now all gone, there are still some payphones and phone booths on private property in the city.

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