New Program Will Get Rid Of NYC Street Trash For Good

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NYC street trash may be gone for good with the city's new "Clean Curbs" pilot program!

The trash lining the streets of NYC is one of the things that makes your city walks smell.... well you know.... NYC sidewalks are going to get an upgrade with a new "Clean Curbs" pilot program that will come to all five boroughs. Mayor Adams along with New York City Department of Sanitation Commissioner Jessica S. Tisch announced that they will be starting a program to get rid of the NYC street trash.

The program will create containerized waste bins that will keep all the trash bags at one site in the city. The first bins have already been put in Times Square on 41st street and 7th avenue with another on 43rd street and 8th avenue. According to the Department of Sanitation, NYC was built to use all of its space for real estate which is why there are no back alleys that exist to collect the trash like in Chicago. This is why trash collection happens right on the sidewalk we are trying to use for walking.

“Environmental justice begins at the street level, and it starts now,” said Mayor Adams. “Clean streets are vital to vibrant neighborhoods and to New York City’s economic comeback. We need to stop dodging black garbage bags and instead fund and test container models throughout the city that will make our streets cleaner and more inviting for both New Yorkers and visitors.”

"Today’s debut of containerized waste bins and expansion of the ‘Clean Curbs’ pilot are important steps that will bring us closer to cleaner streets,” said New York City Council member Sandy Nurse, chair, Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management. “As we move forward with expanding containerization, we must prioritize pilots in environmental justice communities and other areas of our city where litter and trash are impacting quality of life, so that all New Yorkers can have the clean streets that we deserve.”

These waste bins are the start of the city's $1.3 million investment in cleaning NYC.

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