This Is The Best Time To Eat Dinner If You Want To Sleep Through The Night

Photo: Getty Images

Are you having trouble sleeping through the night? It may be because of the time you're eating dinner.

A good night's sleep could be directly affected by the time you go to sleep in relation to when you ate. According to sleep expert Peter Polos M.D at mattress company Sleep Number, you’ll want to eat dinner at least three hours before you go to bed. "This allows adequate time for digestion, thereby reducing any possible disruption to sleep caused by poor digestion," said Polos. Meanwhile, neuroscientist and sleep expert Sofia Axelrod, Ph.D. says one should at least aim to have dinner around the same time each night. "If you always eat at the same time, your body learns to prepare the digestive tract to optimally digest the food you eat," said Axelrod.

Are you eating dinner at a time to make it better for your sleep? If not you should think about changing your schedule!

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