NYC Mayor To Bring Metal Detector Devices To City's Subway Stations

Photo: Getty Images

After last week's Brooklyn subway shooting, people have had an increase concern for their safety on the subway.

Since the shooting there have been press conferences talking about the possibility for metal detecters to be placed in the turnstile before you board the subway car. The metal detector will be used to identify a weapon that may be brought onto the transportation system. The NYC Mayor has made it clear that his office will be moving forward into a pilot program.

Mayor Adams said that his Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Philip Banks is looking into research in which the details look 'promising'

“I’m excited about the technology that’s associated with keeping people safe,” the Mayor said on April 18. “We want to make sure the technology is fool-proof…and, based on our preliminary reviews, it is extremely promising. As soon as we’re ready to announce and roll it out we’re going to let everyone know.”

He continues, "I think New Yorkers are going to feel safe knowing that when they swipe their Metro Cards that we’re doing some type of checks to make sure people are not carrying weapons on our systems."

These detectors will not be like airport security. "Those are not the only models that are available,” Mayor Adams reassures, “There are new models that are being used at ball games, ball parks, hospitals where you’re not stopping to go through your belongings. You’re simply walking through.”

The Mayor concluded saying there are three different types of devices and when they figure out which one is best for the NYC subway system they will announce it.

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