To-Go Cocktails Are Legal Again In New York

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In case you missed it, to-go cocktails are back in New York!

Governor Kathy Hochul announced last week that the legislation legalizing to-go cocktails is returning to help local businesses as part of the new FY 2023 State Budget. It became effective as soon she signed the budget on Saturday, April 9. This decision is part of Hochul’s “Billion Dollar Rescue Plan” relief package to help support bars, restaurants and other small businesses who have suffered during the pandemic and will be in place for three years until 2025.

Here are some specific rules you should know:

  • Bottle sales will be prohibited
  • The bill applies to restaurants and other retail license holders that sell alcohol on-premises, but requires customers to buy "a substantial food item."
  • Sales are limited to the restaurant's normal hours of operation.
  • The drinks must be in sealed containers and all to-go containers must comply with municipal open container laws
  • Businesses will be responsible for ensuring the consumer has a valid ID and for verifying the consumer’s identity and age at the time of delivery

Are you excited for the return of to-go cocktails? Cheers!

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