Gov. Murphy Announces Change To NJ State Bird In Executive Order

New Jersey's state bird is no longer the goldfinch, but a bird that is far more prevalent: the Middle Finger.

Gov. Phil Murphy made the change in Executive Order No. 401, issues April 1, 2022.

"It is important for State symbols to reflect New Jersey's culture and values," the order reads.

While the adorable goldfinch has its many admirers, the bird is elusive; many lifelong NJ residents claim to have never even seen one. The goldfinch often perches high up in trees, only coming down occasionally to eat from seed feeders.

The Middle Finger, however, is frequently spotted around the state's congested roads and highways. Even in the Garden State's most remote locales, no New Jerseyan is ever far from this unambiguous bird.

"It shall be the duty of every person or entity in this State or doing business in this State and of the members of the governing body and every official, employee, or agent of every political subdivision in this State and of each member of all other governmental bodies, agencies, and authorities in this State or any nature whatsoever, to cooperate fully in all matters concerning this order."

"Happy April Fools," the order concluded.

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