Researchers Say You Are Storing Your Pet Food Wrong And It Could Be Toxic

Photo: Getty Images

Are you storing your pet food in a plastic container? Well doing so may make it toxic to your animal.

Dr. Karen Becker, the most followed veterinarian in the world, is warning her followers on the everyday behavior we are doing that may be harming your animals. Dr. Becker says that according to research storing your pet food in a plastic container could be toxic. She writes on her Facebook page:

"Try to avoid using a plastic container to store kibble. However, if you already purchased the container, keep the food in its original bag and place that bag into the plastic container. This will help keep oxygen away from degrading the kibble. (Remember to wash that container periodically.) Or just buy smaller bags of pet food so there is no need for these toxic containers in the first place."

She also says when transferring your pet food to a proper storage container you should hold onto the bag in case there is a pet food recall!

How do you store your pet food? Let us know in the comments!

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