Manhattan To Offer Potential Ferry Service To Laguardia Airport

Photo: Getty Images

In order to reduce car traffic to the newly renovated Laguardia Airport in Manhattan, Port Authority has made a proposal that suggests a ferry route that connects Manhattan to the airport!

The proposal contains two ferry landings, both requiring a shuttle service post docking at LGA's terminals A, B & C. One option would have the ferry landing at Bowery Bay, located on the west side of the airport and then a ferry landing at Flushing Bay for the east side of the airport. Potential ferry stops could be at Pier 11, East 34th street and East 90th street.

Queens Borough President, Donovan Richards says that the ferry service is a "no-brainer," he says to the NY Post. "Opening up access to the waterways is an attractive option." Although there have been attempts before to get a ferry service to our airports, not one has been successful in doing so according to The Post.

The final decision for this ferry proposal will be made after many public workshops, input from the MTA as well as international, national and regional transportation experts.

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