MTA Appoints Bostonian As New Head Of NYC's Subways And Buses

Photo: Getty Images

MTA has stopped looking for a new NYC Transit president in New York and has enlisted a Bostonian to the job. The position has been trying to get filled since February 2020 when the last president, Andy Byford resigned after feuding with former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber has officially appointed Richard Davey as the new President of New York City Transit as of today, March 23, 2022. Davey is a partner at the firm Boston Consulting Group and former Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation. He will begin his duties in NYC on May 2nd. Davey will oversee the NYC's subways, bus and paratransit networks.

In a statement Davey reveals he lived in New York during the horrific day of September 11th.

“My experience being a New Yorker that day at that time is why I am coming back, because public service and more importantly public transportation is so important to me,” said Davey. “I hope that whenever my tenure ends, New Yorkers can look back and say that guy from Boston made a difference.”

In an interview, Davey admits that how much our city really relies on public transportation, says the NYTimes.

“New York is a city that relies so heavily on its transit system,” he said. “And if the transit system doesn’t work, then New York isn’t working.” He explains his first priority will be to grow ridership.

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