NYC Landlord Calls Out Tenants For Not Paying Rent With Massive Sign

Photo: Getty Images

A landlord in New York City is calling out his tenants for not paying rent. The tenants have accrued $17,000 in back rent according to Fox News.

A huge banner was hung at a rental in Queen reading, "MY TENANTS ON THE FIRST FLOOR ARE NOT PAYING RENT." Calvin and Jean Thompson hung this sign up and it can even be seen from the Belt Parkway.

"It’s uncomfortable that we have to hang these up, but we’re $20,000 uncomfortable, so I think a sign is very minor," the Thompsons’ son, Calvin Jr., tells the New York Post. The landlord couple is saying that after they raised the rent $100 ($1,800 to $1,900) the tenants refused to pay the new amount. They would like to add this is the first time they have raised the rent in 9 years.

"I don’t think a $100 increase for almost a decade of living is unreasonable," Calvin Jr. said. "There are plenty of landlords in our situation because of COVID. A lot of eviction cases are backlogged. She knows this and is going to ride this out."

Take a look at the sign in the TikTok video below!

There are almost 20,000 eviction cases pending in New York City currently, according to the Post.

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