Is The New York Area Done With Snow For The Year?

Photo: Getty Images

Is NYC done with winter? Maybe not....

The average snowfall in the New York area is about five inches in the month of March. In the past 5 Marches we've had, there has been more than nine inches of snow in three of the five years. What usually is the snowiest month of the year, February, has produced less than two inches of snow in New York City. This makes the snowfall total for this year at 17 inches when on average at this point we would usually see about 21 inches of snow.

The weather pattern, according to meteorologist John Davitt, says their may be a chance for more snow and we shouldn't put away our snow gear just yet.... Even though we're seeing some spikes in temperature this spring weather could just be a tease because according to history, we may not be done with snow just yet.

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