Harvey Fierstein: Funny Girl Production Has Been "A Lot Of Fun"

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Harvey Fierstein says he "was smiling a lot" watching the rehearsals of his new production of "Funny Girl."

He told "Inside Broadway" that he looked at the original 1964 production, saw what they didn't get right and tried to make those improvements. He said it's been "a lot of fun" trying to execute the original vision for the show.

"I try not to put my fingerprint on it. I want it to be 'Funny Girl.' I want you to come to the theater and see 'Funny Girl' not a Harvey Fierstein show," he said.

"Funny Girl" has now moved into the August Wilson Theatre with previews set to begin on March 26th and the Opening scheduled for April 24th. Fierstein admitted it's scary to walk into the theater for the first time.

"Because then you turn around and see all those empty seats and you say 'Are we going to be able to fill them and are we going to be able to make them happy?'" he said.

Fierstein is also the author of the new memoir "I Was Better Last Night," which is already a New York Times bestseller.

"I am very thrilled," Fierstein said.

He said the book is a direct result of the pandemic and he allowed his memory to be the guide when telling stories.

"It was a lot of fun because it was challenging, because it was something I've never done before," Fierstein said.

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