Is This Woman's Boyfriend Unreasonable For Asking To Split The Rent Even?

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Reddit user u/ThrowRA9876234 writes on the platform a post titled: "My (22F) boyfriend (32M) wants me to move in with him and pay half of all our expenses."

Is her boyfriend being unreasonable for making her split the rent even though he earns over $500K a year?! She writes:

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over two years. We are both currently in the same city but living separately. I am graduating from college in a few weeks and am planning to start applying for graduate schools. Currently I do not have any employment nor do I plan on making any money in the next few years. Luckily my family is able to support me through graduate school and pay my expenses.
My boyfriend currently makes around $300k/ year and just received a job offer in a city across the country that would pay him over $500k/ year after bonuses. He wants me to move with him to this new city. I am fine with the idea of moving there, even though it is not my first choice of places to live. I could probably attend graduate school there.
The only issue is he wants me to pay half the rent and half of all our expenses. This would amount to around $2500/ month. My family is capable of providing me with this money, but we are not exorbitantly wealthy so it is a lot of money for us. My family also thinks it is really unreasonable for my boyfriend to ask me to pay these expenses when he makes enough money to support the both of us easily. My boyfriend thinks it is completely reasonable for my family to pay these expenses for me.
Do you think what my boyfriend is asking for is reasonable or not?

Reddit users are quick to chime in. One user writes, "Agreed if your going to split 50/50 you need to be based on what the lowest person can afford." A lot of people on the platform agreed with this comment.

Do you agree with her conflict above?! While the comments were conflicted, the original author of the post ultimately decided to end it with her boyfriend.

Update from user u/ThrowRA9876234:

Thanks for all the replies everyone. The one thing I left out of the original post is that I already decided prior to making the post that I was not going to stay with my bf because it was obvious our views on finances were simply incompatible. I also know my worth and know that I can find someone who treats me a lot better.
I was curious to see what others thought, and I am pleased that most of you have validated my feelings.
After I told my bf that I was breaking up with him, he completely changed his tune and said that he did not want me to pay expenses and that he would actually pay me a monthly allowance to live with him. By that point it was too late to fix things, however, and I decided that we should go our separate ways.
To the people who think this is fake or a troll post, it's not. When my bf and I started dating he was still a poor student completing his PhD and working as a research assistant. He then got a job at a hedge fund and that salary is very typical for his role. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

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