NYC Is Getting Raised Crosswalks To Improve Pedestrian Safety

Photo: Getty Images

NYC traffic deaths have reached a decade high and now we need to put more effort into street safety in our city.

There were 273 NYC traffic fatalities in 2021, (125 of them were pedestrians) this is the highest number we've had since 2013. There have been petitions to lower speed limits, requests for bike lanes and more. Now, Mayor Adams has released a plan to build on Mayor de Blasio's "Vision Zero" project. This project includes a design of over 1,000 intersections in the city with improved traffic signals, cut curbs at high-traffic spots, bike corrals and now raised crosswalks!

The raised crosswalks were a concept brought forth by the NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT). They have made a pledge to “construct 100 raised crosswalks at curb level” every single year. They say the sidewalks would make it more accessible for the disabled as well as slow drivers down, acting like speed bumps.

You can read more about street safety efforts in the city's official announcement.

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