Wordle Cheating Is At An All-Time High, Here's Where The Most Cheaters Live

Photo: Getty Images

After The New York Times bought Wordle in late January, players around the world think the game has become more difficult.

Although, unproven, many people are convinced The New York Times made the viral word game more difficult for its players. A new study is now showing that more and more people are cheating to get themselves through the word game in order to share a positive result with their friends. WordFinderZ, a reference tool for word games, conducted a study with Google Trends data to show everyone how many people are searching for the answer of Wordle for each day.

Google searches for "today's Wordle" increased by 196% since The New York Times bought the game. Who are the biggest offenders of the cheating?! According to WordFinderX's study, the "biggest cheaters" live in the northeast. New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont as well as Washington D.C., Massachusetts and Maine all were found to have the highest number of "todays Wordle" searches on Google. These cheaters also are more likely to play in the morning between 7am and 8am.

Although the cheating always happened according to the study, the cheating has only increased since the start of February, after The New York Times took over.

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