East Village's ‘KGB Bar’ Has Swapped Russian Alcohol For Ukrainian Brands

Photo: KGB BAR/Facebook

KGB Bar in the East Village has decided to stop selling Russian alcohol according to LES news & lifestyle site Bowery Boogie.

In order to stand with Ukraine, KGB Bar, the establishment has started selling the Ukrainian beer Obolon. Furthermore, their three dozen cases of Russian vodka have been replaced by Ukrainian brands like Khor, Shevkoff and Ukrainian Heritage.

KGB Bar is a "Soviet-themed" space that hosts poetry nights and other events for New York writers since 1993. “Our corporate name is the Kraine Gallery Bar, so you know where our sympathy lies,” owner Denis Woychuk told Bowery Boogie. He continues to say this is just one of many efforts they will make, saying they also plan to host readings and music events to “provide resources to aid the Ukrainians.”

You can read more about KGB Bar and their roots with Ukraine on their website.

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