The Most Lovable 'New Girl' Actor Has Passed Away

Photo: New Girl/Fox

When you think of New Girl, quirky Jess and her three male roommates and best friend Cece are the first characters you may think of. However, the heart of show, the real true bromance was not between Nick and Jess or Cece and Schmidt, it was between Nick and Tran.

Tran played by actor, Ralph Ahn, passed away on February 26th at 95-years-old. In a statement on Instagram Jake Johnson who most interacted with Ahn in the series wrote, "RIP. So much fun to work with. He gave so much with literally no lines. I loved when he was on set. I was always expecting to somehow work with him again. Condolences to his family/friends."

We are first introduced to Ahn in the series as Tran, a guy Nick met on a bench in the episode titled 'Menzies' in 2012. This episode is where Nick meets a silent guy (Tran) who shows him how to be peaceful. Cece wants to go back with Schmidt. Unable to pay her share of rent and utilities, the guys tell Jess to get a job. She is experiencing her monthly period and is an emotional mess.

Ahn later appeared several times in the series and became a fan favorite.

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