Marcus Stroman: Mets Fans Used Racial Slurs, Sent 'Endless Death Threats'

Photo: Getty Images North America

MLB pitcher Marcus Stroman says he is thrilled to be leaving New York after being the subject of incessant bigotry and threats from fans during his career with the Mets from 2019 - 2021.

Stroman, who signed a three-year contract with the Chicago Cubs in December, elaborated Wednesday on the abuse he endured as a Mets player and the lack of support he felt from the team's management.

"Endless death threats, being called a n----r often, hearing black lives don't matter, and playing for a front office who didn't care about any of that," he wrote. "I will speak on this topic on my time and on my podcast at some point. Still dealt on the mound through all of that!"

While Mets fans were largely dismayed at Stroman's claims, several replies supported his claims. One user explained that the pitcher was not "even remotely exaggerating," adding that Mets fan pages have often been flooded with "weaponized racism" when Stroman's name comes up.

"Embarrassed to be a Mets fan today," the user added.

Stroman began distancing himself from the Mets organization this week in Tweets that praised Mets outfielder Michael Conforto. When another user replied that they hoped Conforto would return to the Mets this coming season, Stroman disagreed.

"I'm hoping he's well-paid elsewhere," Stroman wrote.

When asked why, the Duke University alumnus admitted that he was "very, very thankful" to be leaving Flushing, Queens, after enduring so much abuse over the past three years.

"Beyond excited to perform for an incredible fanbase who appreciates their players! Go Cubs," he added.

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