This Is The Most Instagrammed Landmark In NYC

Photo: Getty Images

NYC is full of amazing landmarks, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Flatiron and so much more! However there's one place that takes them all for the most 'Instagrammed' spot in the city.

In a new study, photography and design company Printique took a look at Instagram hashtags for the top 60 landmarks in America and NYC had four entires in the top 10 and also took the number one spot on the list! It may seem weird to us New Yorkers, but Times Square is the number one spot for Instagram users.

Since the start of hashtags in 2010, Times Square has been photographed using them with 4,666,622 total hashtags. Second was Arizona's The Grand Canyon with 4,072,356 total hashtags.

Other NYC landmarks that made the list were The Brooklyn Bridge at number three with 3,568,276 total hashtags then Empire State Building with 3,023,470 hashtags and then the Statue of Liberty with 2,130,375 total.

New York is the most Instagrammable state overall! Where will you be taking your Instagram pic this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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