See Arthur And Friends All Grown Up In Emotional Series Finale

Photo: PBS Kids

And I say HEY! (HEY!) 'Arthur' is officially ending after 25 seasons at PBS.

As announced earlier this year, 'Arthur' is ending, but not without an emotional series finale send off. The final episode titled, 'All Grown Up,' was the perfect way to end the series. In the episode, the show creators give us what Arthur and his gang look like 20 years into the future. One of the most heartwarming moments was the several Easter eggs the finale brought to its loyal viewers. One of our favorites is that Michael Yarmush, the original child actor who voiced Arthur when the show began, returned to voice him for this episode.

Even though they are all up to different things, the whole Arthur gang still hangs out at the Sugar Bowl. George runs the Sugar Bowl, Muffy is running for mayor, Buster is a teacher and D.W. is a traffic cop!

“Kids are our boss, and we listen to them,” Brown, a co-executive producer on the series, told the Los Angeles Times. “And that is one of the most often asked questions we got: ‘What happens to Arthur? What happens to Francine?’ And so it seemed like a logical gift to give these loyal viewers something that they really wanted.”

'Arthur' has won four Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Children’s Animated Program, along with a Peabody Award.

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