New York City Was Ranked The Most Stressed Out City In The U.S.

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New York City was just voted the most stressed out city in the United States.

Rent prices are up, subways are always down and the cold has been unbearable recently. Although we love this city, sometimes it can be very stressful to live here. Now a study confirms just that.

International health, life and income protection insurance provider, William Russell, conducted a study that tested the stress levels of people around the world. The ranking of stress levels is based on numbers for financial stress, cleanliness, tidiness, LGBTQ+ safety, suicide rates, and poverty headcount.

The study ranked 73 cities and 38 countries. New York City was ranked number 30 of the cities making it the #1 city of stress when you just look at the U.S. cities. The cost of living in NYC takes a huge toll on why it is considered a stressful city. The city also studied a trend in suicide rates, which sadly NYC falls above average. When it came to cleanliness, NYC ranked 33.93/100. The overall stress score came to a 4.3/10.

Are you a stressed out New Yorker?! Well now you know you're not alone!

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