NYC Employers Are Now Required To Include Salary Ranges In Job Listings

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There's one question everyone hates being asked in an interview.. 'What is your ideal salary for this position?' Even after researching a typical salary range for the position, you always feel like you could have gone higher if you asked for more or that you'll be 'too expensive' for a company to hire you!

Well, say goodbye to the awkwardness in NYC because The New York City Council just passed a new bill that requires employers to include a minimum & maximum salary range for the position they are hiring for. The law will go into effect this May with the only exception to the law will be any company with less than four employees or temporary hiring firms.

Former City Council member Helen Rosenthal created the bill to to help close the pay gap between men, women and minority groups.

The bill was passed by the council 41-7 in December and Mayor Eric Adams had until January 14 to veto it. However, he did not veto the bill, so it will continue on to become NYC law.

If a company does not disclose their salary range in the posting of the job, they can be fined up to $125,000 and it would be said to be an “unlawful discriminatory practice” under the New York City Human Rights Law.

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