How Many Times Can You Reuse Your N95 Mask?

Photo: Getty Images

The CDC has revealed how many times an N95 mask can be reused.

Overtime your N95 mask will stop protecting you from COVID-19 and its variants. There's only a limited number of times you should wear your mask before it becomes less effective. How long does it take to get to that point though? According to the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says your N95 mask can be worn five times before it is replaced. However, this is the recommendation for people who wear their mask all day. If you are just running in and out of the grocery store and heading home this may not apply to you.

The California Institute of Technology's Richard Flagan says the amount of times a mask is worn is more important than the number of days it is worn. Once you notice the band on your mask getting looser and stretching out it will be time for a new mask. Flagan recommends you switch your N95 or K95 mask for a new one every three days to be safe!

Don't forget, an N95 mask can't be washed, so there is no reuse available after the recommended three days.

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