Snow Storm OTW? Here's How To Build The Perfect Snowman

When snow blankets the ground outside, and there's nothing to do, why not build a snowman!

When that snowfall starts to PILE UP a lot of people immediately either get mad, in bad mood or start panicking so this time around why not let the kid in you pop out real quick and build the perfect snowman with some friends ❄️❤️❄️

Above you will find a video giving you a step by step tutorial on how to build the perfect snowman, but below are some simple instructions just in case you're not down to watch a video today.

  1. First thing you have to do is check the snow and make sure that it's moist and packable you don't want the snow to be fluffy or power powder.
  2. Step two is packing the snow with your hands and making your body balls. For the bottom section scoop up handfuls of snow pack it together and make yourself a round balls. Now make sure that you're wearing gloves when you're doing this because we don't want to catch frostbite. Roll the ball of snow along the ground and make the bottom section of the snowman. To make it bigger, you just keep rolling and rolling until it gets to be a big bottom portion.
  3. Now for the middle section repeat step #2 just make it a little bit smaller, follow the same step for the head.
  4. To decorate your snowman a lot of people like to pick a carrot 🥕 for the nose but you can find anything that you have around the house to use. Why don't you just get creative for the eyes?! Some people use rocks, charcoals, you can even use buttons that you might find in your house. Now moving on to the mouth you can also use some pebbles, grapes, marbles or buttons. For the arms grab some tree branches, but just make sure that the branches aren't too heavy or they might fall off. Then we top off our snowman with a hat and a scarf! So go around the house and see if you can find no some things that you no longer use and donate them to your new family member ⛄️
  5. Have fun with it!

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