NYC Air Quality Hits 'Unhealthy' Level Tuesday Due To Port Of Newark Fire

Photo: Getty Images North America

A fire raging Tuesday morning at the Port of Newark was causing New York City's air quality to deteriorate as smoke floated through Brooklyn and Manhattan.

By late-Tuesday morning, the air quality index (AQI) climbed to 152, a level considered unhealthy to everyone.

EPA standards recommend all people — even those in good health — limit time outdoors or stay inside altogether when the AQI reaches a red zone of 151 or above.

The NYC Office of Emergency Management sent out a bulletin early in the morning, alerting New Yorkers that they may see or smell smoke due to the fire.

The primary pollutant was listed as "particle pollution," which is usually attributed to fires.

By 1 p.m. the AQI was reduced to 117 — the orange zone — considered unhealthy to members of sensitive groups.

The fire reportedly broke out at around 8 p.m. Monday at a scrap metal recycling facility. It was still burning but contained early Tuesday.

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