Name A Cockroach After Your Lover At The Bronx Zoo This Valentine's Day

"Go beyond roses" this Valentine's Day by naming a cockroach after your lover at The Bronx Zoo.

Looking for a unique way to say I love you? The Bronx Zoo is back with their "Name A Roach" program. For $75, you can name a hissing cockroach and receive a roach beanie, roach socks, a printed certificate with their roach’s name, and a very crawly Valentine's Virtual Encounter* on February 12th, 13th or 14th with a Madagascar hissing cockroach - and a surprise animal guest.

If you're just looking to name a cockroach without all the extra stuff, you can do that here for $15.

"Naming a Roach is a Valentine’s tradition for us. Roses and chocolates come and go, but roaches last an eternity - just like our love!”

What do you think? Would you ever name a roach for your significant other?

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