Almost 600 Amazon Packages Found In Oklahoma

There have been almost 600 packages from Amazon found dumped northeast of Oklahoma City, according to NewsNation Now. The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office says they are working on figuring out how the packages ended up there!

The Amazon packages were found on New Year's Eve however the packages were supposed to be at their destination by Christmas, says a message from the sheriff's office on Facebook. The office says someone had removed items they wanted from inside the packages and then just left the rest!

“Apparently the thief isn’t much of a reader,” the Sheriff’s Office posted. “The books that were being delivered were left behind.”

This isn't the first time packages were discovered this way. In November, hundreds of FedEx packages were found in a ditch about 30 miles north of Birmingham, Alabama. The man who left these packages said he was 'dealing with a death in the family and didn't want to deliver the items.'

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