Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Groping Case Dropped By Albany District Attorney

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Albany District Attorney has dropped the groping case against former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

While the allegations against Cuomo are credible, the DA said it would not be able to "prove the elements of a crime" in court.

Cuomo's arraignment was push from November to this month after the DA told the court that the misdemeanor sex crime complaint was "potentially defective."

In a statement announcing the decision not to proceed with the case, District Attorney David Soares said that his office found that it could not prove the charges in court, despite cooperation from the complainant.

"I, like most New Yorkers, remain deeply trouble by allegations like the ones at issue here," Soares said. "Such conduct has no place in government or in any workplace."

The forcible touching complaint was brought by a woman who used to work as one of Cuomo's executive assistants.

Cuomo resigned as governor in August due to mounting sexual harassment allegations against him. The 63-year-old has maintained that he never acted maliciously and is innocent of any criminal wrongdoing.

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