TikTok Shocked By $2,200 A Month New York Apartment

When looking for an apartment to rent folks often come across places with some quirks, and while some can overlook them, others not so much. And that seems to be the case with an apartment someone showed off on TikTok, which has users completely shocked.

Real-estate agent Claudia Degteva recently posted a video with a tour of this apartment, which seems to have plenty of nice amenities, including a spacious kitchen, two large windows and a bedroom with exposed brick. The only problem is the shower is IN THE LIVING ROOM.

And you'd think with such a huge oddity, rent would be cheap, but this is New York so, of course, that's just not the case. Claudia noted in her caption, “When you pay $2,200 [per month] and have to shower in the living room."

Check out the video HERE.

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