Mayor De Blasio Outlines 6-Point Plan To Combat Covid

Photo: Getty Images North America

Amid a surge in Covid cases, Mayor Bill de Blasio has introduced a new plan to try and keep New Yorkers safe.

“We knew Omicron was here and we knew it was going to be more of a presence in our city. It's now quite clear that it is. And we need to be very aggressive,” de Blasio said.

His six-point plan includes distributing at-home testing kits and K-95 masks. There’s also a push to get people the booster shot and increased testing capacity.

“What has worked for us as New Yorkers in the entire fight against COVID is being aggressive, being assertive, taking bold measures. We have been doing that, and we're going to do that a lot more because we need to stop this variant,” de Blasio said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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