NYC's Mild Autumn Ends This Weekend With Heavy Rain, Falling Temperatures

Photo: Getty Images North America

The mild weather enjoyed by Tri-State area residents this November is coming to an end.

Most of the day Thursday will be cool and dry, but clouds will roll in during the afternoon with a storm system not far behind.

Rain will start falling around midnight, but the heaviest precipitation will arrive around rush hour Friday morning. Winds gusts could reach 30 mph.

Power outages and floods are not as major a concern with this system as they were with prior storms this fall. Rain should be mostly gone by Friday afternoon, though there is a slight chance of showers Saturday.

Sunday will bring with it the coldest temperatures of the season so far, with snow possible Sunday and Monday in points north and west of the city, like Pike County, PA; Sussex County, NJ; and Sullivan and Ulster counties in New York.

Highs next week in the Tri-State area may not break 50 degrees.

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