NY Man Charged After Reporting His Stolen Car To Police As A Kidnapping

Emergency lights on a police car flashing

Photo: Getty Images

A New York man was not very confident that police would find his stolen Mustang, so he made up a whopper of a lie to speed up the process.

32-year-old James Reyes reported his red Mustang stolen and told cops that a seven-year-old child with special needs was inside the car when it was taken. The report prompted a massive police response and cops eventually found the stolen car, and the 17-year-old thief who took it, about a half-mile away from where it was swiped.

While being taken into custody, the thief told cops there was no child in the car, and that's when officers realized that Reyes made up the story knowing it would expedite the police response. The teen thief was released to the custody of his parents and Reyes was charged with filing a false police report.

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