Local TikTok User Shocked To Find Out She Has 50 Siblings

TikTok user izzyvn_98 shared a video in September of the surprise she got when she took a DNA test in 2018 to find out the ethnicity of her father, who was an anonymous sperm donor for Izzy’s two mothers. She got her results back and figured that was it…until a woman contacted her a few months later.

The woman wanted to know if she was the baby of a donor because a DNA test had confirmed that the woman’s daughter had the same donor father. The woman then led Izzy to a private Facebook group with 50 members, all of whom had the same father.

Izzy was one of a set of triplets, but she says she and her brothers haven’t tried to contact their father or make friends with their 50 half-siblings, saying “It’s a really abnormal thing.”

Check out the video HERE!

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